My Work Notes

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This part of my website is not edited by a professional translator/editor, so neither the grammar nor style have guaranteed quality. David Elliott, PhD., my dear colleague, couldn't bear not only my English grammar but sometimes also the gist of what I wrote and kindly challenged me and helped me to improve some of the texts... the ones indicated with (*). I am thrilled and grateful for his mighty contribution.

The rest of the texts remain unedited - as I originally accepted the obvious imperfection of a second language for what were meant to be simple drafts... thank you for your understanding :-) and patience.

August 2010
Body-Mind Software Transmission (BST) - A Highly Efficient Way of Learning
Cerven 2005
Zemska energie a cena nemovitosti
May 2005
Psychic Weight Control Coaching
March 2005
* The fascinating mystery of Centuries... and Carnival!
December 2004
Energy of Places? Enjoy It!!!
December 2004
The Importance of Having A Mission
August 2004
The Adequacy of Fear Level
June 2004
* "Loose Cannons": A Missing Piece to Tradition - Archives of Humankind - Cosmic Order
June 2004
How Much Money Do We Need?
June 2004
Respecting Biorhythms... Without Feeling Guilty And "Lazy"
June 2004
* Tradition - Archives of Humankind - Cosmic Order
Help to Explain and Overcome Human Differences
March 2004
Risk of drowning your talent: Water is rising and time is short
February 2004
Partners vs. "Lone Rangers"... and Personal Compatibility in Business
February 2004
Giving And Taking: More Than A Personal Scale
January 2004
Coaching For Creative Artists - A Few Notes
January 2004
Overweight and Spirits In America
January 2004
Personality Scales, Part One
January 2004
Blood Circulation of the Brain and a Level of Toxins In Body
January 2004
The Invisible Value of Real Estate