May 2005
Psychic Weight Control Coaching

Summary: One can lose unwanted weight by reading daily feedback on one’s actual "level of nourishment" based on telepathic reading.

The effective component of this method seems to be a correction of the inner program of what it actually means to eat "enough" (99% of the effect) and also the very fact that one gets regular attention (1%).

The method is surprisingly simple, user friendly and so far has proved to be extremely efficient.

- - -

How I do it: Clients who want to lose weight get regular messages on their "level of nourishment" (LN) via email or cell phone short messages (SMS) three times a day in the beginning of the treatment.

The frequency of feedback drops as the clients get more in control of the process of keeping optimal LN themselves.

Eventually they get independent from me as they realize/correct program of what it means to eat enough but not overeat.

I believe I can telepathically/intuitively estimate both how much a person eats and how the unconscious eating program should change in order to optimize one’s personal weight.

If one’s average "level of nourishment" (LN) is over 100% it means the person is eating more than necessary and is gaining weight.

In the beginning of the process I suggest what interval of LN one should keep oneself in - based on intuitive telepathic estimate.

Let’s say a person is 15 kilograms overweight and is used to keeping his/her LN on 130%.

At first I suggest to her/him to keep one’s LN between 50 and 70%.

My regular feedback shows the person what it actually means, what it actually feels like to eat/keep within this interval - and not to eat neither too much or too little... and by this realization the process of weight reduction starts.

The reduction of intake of food is not drastic at all but the person starts to feel lighter, emptier, more vital in a very pleasant way - nearly immediately.

We have to keep in mind that after several days the reserves of bodily fats start to be metabolized and so my telepathic estimate of the LN may go higher even if the person doesn’t eat much - as the use of fats reserves is included into LN.

At the same time the organism adapts to/compensates getting less food by processing available food more thoroughly... and the process of losing weight would stop... so I have to suggest to the client to keep the LN even lower - in an interval of something like 10-40%.

At that point the client already feels much more confident in being able to tell the relationship between how much he/she eats and how the LN shifts.

The basic feeling/experience of what it means to eat "enough" but not too much seriously changes by this point - and becomes much more adequate and realistic.

AND THIS IS THE CRUX, THE MOST ESSENTIAL PART OF THE METHOD. Now we only need to encourage and support this change of program of food intake control so it becomes habitual and lasts.

This change of programming shows in many concrete details: One client for example learnt how to "not finish" delicious dishes of free business meals and not to fill oneself at receptions - which went against the unspoken inner rule of "economical" behavior programmed in his original family.

Another client realized one can overeat also from wonderfully healthy green salad... that, of course, contains oil and other hefty nutrients. So what seemed so far to be a safe filler had to be re-classified as a potential source of unwanted weight as well.

Getting in control of LN empowers the client and is very soon visible on the bodily shapes and contours... which entices very positive and encouraging feedback from a spouse, other family members, friends, colleagues.

The frequency of my telepathic feedback becomes lower and at certain point I can intuitively tell that the client doesn’t need me any more, at least not on regular basis.

If he or she still wants feedback once a week in order to feel safe we can do it, until the client feels completely confident to be left by oneself.

The duration of the whole procedure might be from 3 weeks if a client wants to lose only several kilograms to about a year if the client’s aim is losing 30 kilograms or so and/or struggles not only with weight but at the same time is quitting to smoke - and so needs much more assistance to support his/her inner discipline and create change that would really last in spite of challenges of everyday’s stress.

In the end of cooperation the client should be able to keep one’s LN under 90% with absolute certainty and confidence so she/he is sure not to gain weight any more.

As you might have noticed the amount of kilograms the client aims to get rid of doesn’t seem to be the most important issue - though it can be defined in advance and this might be an important part of the motivation. It seems as if the organism itself knows when "enough is enough" and I believe I can tell intuitively even on distance when that moment comes as well.

I noticed that better feedback for a client on how well she or he is doing is being able to put on cloths that were too tight before... rather than compulsive climbing on scales several times a day.

- - -

Of course in weight control as in any other psychological effort dealing with change of habits or even correcting addictions we should expect relapses and regressions under stress. Or backlash as a natural expression of momentum of an organism.

The client and I should expect these and be ready to deal with them during the process of weight control coaching through individual consultations via email, phone or in face to face sessions.

But, to my surprise, so far my experience with this method has been unexpectedly smooth and this kind of problems have not occurred at all. Anyway I would rather keep my eyes open for probable complications than get ambushed by them later.

- - -

Besides giving feedback on the "Level of Nourishment" (LN) I also keep my intuitive eye on client’s quality of diet (QD) as with reduced quantity of food it is important to keep all the necessary ingredients - vitamins and minerals etc. So the client gets another score besides LN and it is QD.

Intake of liquids is also important to pay attention to as the body has to be properly hydrated in this process.

One of the reason of monitoring the intake of liquids seems to be the fact that water helps the organism to detoxify... and as the fat reserves of the body are utilized the toxins contained in them get into the blood circulation and have to be gotten rid of. Detoxification seems to be an important part of the process of weight reduction. In some cases I suggest sauna in others exercises that help sweating in yet another cases good red wine seems to help very efficiently. Again suggestions for detoxification are made individually.

So two other scores are included to the regular feedback: intake of liquids and level of blood toxins.

Besides, the client has to have enough conscious intent to lose weight. He/she has to really "wish it"... I call it having enough "energy in the project" (EP)... and this score is another part of my feedback.

The last score is my estimate of how much work on psychic weight control coaching has been done so far.

As soon as the client seem to have accomplished 100% of our work - she/he should be able to take over the process... but this is entirely for the client to decide in the end.

Obviously, this very personal approach to weight control demands adequate amount of psychic’s time and attention - which limits a number of clients one psychic can coach at a time.

Prague, Czech Republic, May 2005

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Text by Jan Jilek,
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