January 2004
Overweight and Spirits In America

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There is a growing number of people who are obviously overweight in the US. Even the president of the USA expressed his concern about it, not speaking about air lines who hate to charge certain passengers single fee for taking double seat.

What can a psychic say about it?

First, for a traveller from Europe the number of obese people around was a bit disturbing - phenomenon I registers but didn't comment on as I didn't want to hurt anybody specifically in a country that developed an excellent level of an obligatory tolerance and respect to differences (with recent temporary exception to French people and fries) and which I deeply and genuinely respect and admire and would like to find more of in my own country.

Never the less from the beginning of my present stay here there was something about the overweight people around me that raised my attention and didn't leave me relaxed or neutral... as even I and my wife started to put on weight practically right in the moment we se foot on the floor of the Boston airport... no matter that we had registered in a athletic club even before arriving here and spent a lot of time swimming and stepping and stretching and Latin dancing... which, of course has nothing to do with putting on or off the weight.

That strange tension and worried curiosity what the obesity is all about was with me quite frequently and as a psychologist I started to notice the probable reasons in the fast pace of life, generally low feeling of security caused by comparatively ineffective social net on one hand and high prices of education, rent and health insurance on the other hand. A yearly growth of a number of homeless people in the state of Massachusetts being 16% as I found in a newspaper. So there is a reason to be afraid and there is a reason to comfort oneself by overeating - for example.

So I had a satisfying explanation but it didn't bring my mind to peace... And... then one day I went to a public authors' poetry reading where one young female author after another were seriously overweight and I was looking at them and... while becoming more and more aware of the - for me somehow painful - difference of the beauty, passion, sensuality and sensitivity of what they had written and were reciting and what their - what I perceived as - unhappy bodies were conveying... and I got it! I got it!!! I got it!

My realization lead me back to the year of my psychic learning with an excellent teacher Franta Patloka, to his lectures and practical training and tips about ghost and spirits and possession... and to memories of what I read in books on this subject by pre-New Age authors when psychic work was matter of fact, pragmatic and practical business.

What seems to happen is that sometimes the spirits or ghosts of deceased people stay here among us... it seems more often than we are aware of... just like in the Hollywood films "Spirit", "Sixth Sense" and alike.

Numerous spirits parasite on us living people as they don't have their own metabolism (at least the less sophisticated ones) and are in need of some energy to keep functioning. One of the classic ways to get energy is to scare a body-owning human being... as fear leads to a huge uncontrolled eruption of vital energy... and the spirit can absorb it, use it, live on it.

Another way for a ghost to get the energy is to tempt a "host" he parasites on to do things that he or she later feels guilty for or ashamed of or that lead to fear... and of course addictive behavior belongs to them.

First of all it seems some ghost can parasite on pleasant feelings of the host, co-enjoy, co-indulge in the pleasures of over- eating, drinking, shopping, spending, working (???) etc. The more than moderate experience of all kind of consumptions and "misbehaving" seems to be more satisfying for the less sophisticated spirits and really attracts them and turns them on.

Typically the addictive behavior contains this let's say first part of intense pleasant indulging that can be pleasant for a ghost to share as well and than a second part of waking up from with a heavy hangover and self flagellating, horrible states that release energy in waves... that feed a ghost directly.

And there is a third phase of an addiction: decision not to fall for the addictive behavior any more and trying to hold to that advisable decision... till the fake inner voices succeed in tempting and seducing the addict to making the same mistake again and going through another round of a tour of horrors. The psychics who work with spirits and ghosts are pretty sure this tempting voices that speak right inside the head of a victim... are the voices of the spirits transmitted telepathically... and I can't agree more.

Now look: USA is the most advertised country of the world... through its Hollywood and other film studios and TV production. Numbers of good and even bigger numbers of average and bad films shows and programs are produced here every day, depicting this country in real and better than real ways.

These films are spread around the world - making more profit than the car industry - mostly by television and sure to go to the houses of even the poorest people everywhere. I hate to say but read an article of people in Albania selling their child to be able to buy a TV set. These people - many of which live in poverty, hunger, suffering, frustrated in any imaginable way - often see an idealized picture of the life in the USA... and love it. I think they would love it even if it wasn't terribly idealized... as USA is a heaven of a kind... as far as I can tell.

So these people, conditioned by these films like Pavlov's dogs... start to drool = salivate when they even hear the name of USA no matter how they may hate the country for various political and ideological reasons at the same time. Who in the world wouldn't like to go there, experience that idealized life, touch it all, share it all, enjoy it all and possibly indulge in it all.

And here we go... as the spirit specialists even in Hollywood tell you... after the death of your body you can travel pretty freely light and fast, no visa necessary, no green card necessary... so hey, why not to go to that widely advertized America?!

Returning back to more serious researcher's tone... I started to use my dowsing rod after coming from the poetry reading and I got these numbers:

About 70% of the cases of obesity in the Boston area are caused by spirits.
in the whole USA it is 40% of the cases... the rest is more or less caused by the psychological reasons... and a very little number by genetic or let's say unhealable medical conditions.

My colleague psychotherapist, poet and psychic G.W. got 30% for the spirit caused obesity in the whole USA.

For New York City the most advertised city in the world I got these numbers:
100% of the cases of obesity in the NYC are caused by possessions by spirits not speaking about other addictions.
Big Apple is overpopulated by spirits: they seem to be about 20 times more numerous than of the body-owning inhabitants of it. If you listen well you will easily hear them rambling around you specially in the early hours of a day called an hour of ghosts (5-7 am).
The films Ghost Busters 1 and 2 don't seem to exaggerate but rather underestimate the situation.

And I think the spirits of New Yorkers don't stay in the Apple after parting with their bodies... as far as I can tell they leave for quieter parts of America as Connecticut or Great Lakes

- - -

What can be done with a possession by a spirit??? Of course the possession can be treated... as we know from films like "Exorcist", though in my experience by means much more peaceful, gentle, tender, though far from boring... even if they wouldn't make such a unnerving film story.

In my experience the spirits who cause this kind of troubles are kind of simple, not very complex personalities... and, they are basically lost in the world of living, they need to get orientation, learn what to do and they need help to get out of this kind of existence that leads kind of nowhere... very much as the existence of an addict that doesn't fight his or her addiction.

The spirits can be released from this world and their potential hosts can be healed psychologically and can lear the tricks to prevent the next possessions or at least become aware of what is actually happening with them... to start with.

I myself did a lot of releasing the spirits, de-possessing people who hosted them mostly without being aware of that... and of the cause of there suffering.

I myself catch a spirit or other "presence" from time to time... which used to be a reason of much goodhearted joking and teasing me by my wonderful teacher Franta Patloka. But it was also him who showed me my own gift of de-possessing and taught me how to release spirits... including those who enjoy my own hosting

- - -

Since I realized the connection of many cases of the overweight around me with the possessions by spirits... I stopped noticing a bit more chubby people around me with the kind of irritated attention I used to feel before. It is just - nearly - fine, as long as I know what is going on around me and I wish all those folks with and without body good luck!!!

By the way: "Enjoy your food..."

New York, January 2004

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