December 2004
The Importance of Having A Mission

I am talking about a mission or purpose or even higher purpose - as someone would say in a more dignified way - in life and its importance for psychological and somatic health and for just feeling fine or even happy.

First, the mission has to be identified... which is not so easy thing to do after we were interrupted brutally in doing what we loved and one million and one times told harshly: "Stop playing (wasting your time), rather go and do something useful!!!"

That definitely knocked any sense of mission out of most of us... so it has to be found again.

In order to retrieve it I ask my clients to start thinking, associating freely, dreaming, fantasizing, remembering what they would love to do if there were not any "practical" obstacles, limits, obligations, duties... how they would like to live, what they would love to put their energy/efforts into, what brings them real pleasure, what activates them, thrills them...

And we understand and agree the goal of this exercise is to find their actual mission in life... so on one hand they try to allow themselves to dismiss all obstacles and blocks of imagination... and on the other hand they face a strong resistance, fear, awkwardness, uneasiness caused by all the voices of: "Well, this is all very nice, you fool, but you don't seriously believe for a single second you can make money by doing this... obviously!!!"

And so the very task of identifying a mission is a most courageous piece of work... where one has to go back and forth between the youngish "naive", vulnerable, trusting, daring, playful, lively thrill versus parent/authority's cold shower, putdown, humiliation, ridicule, sarcasm, shaming, deadly structures... internalized in most of us, I believe.

When I support this process in an energy session I can see clearly on the aura of a client that the mission has to do with connection between the heart (center of the chest) and the right arm as a symbol of materializing or just "doing" of our intents.

So I even define the mission in life as something that stems from one's heart and is intended/supposed to touch the hearts of others or the heart of the world itself.

There is often energy link from the head joining the stream going from heart in the shoulder and they both enter the arm. So there is a unity of heart and brain in the mission.

I am sure the mission has to do with the best one can offer, with one's talents and gifts... and the need of self realization and satisfaction of giving out and being recognized for it and respected... and loved for it.

What I see though - quite regularly, nearly as a rule - is a brutal interruption of the link between a heart and a shoulder. Sometimes it looks like a deep wound after a stabbing that calls for healing and that literally sucks energy for many sessions before it closes. Sometimes it looks more like some kind of an obstacle/block that needs to be dissolved or a piece of shrapnel that needs to be taken out... anyway dealing with either of these interruptions of the link from a heart to an arm takes tremendous time and amount of energy... that has to outweigh the embarrassed parent's crush of the offsprings fit of fantasy, creativity, originality... the same way as the parent's own was once crushed!!! As this obviously transmits from generation to generation as a self destructive, poisonous programming for unconsciousness.

Anyway, after a hard struggle the client delivers a list of activities and visions, often accompanied by a commentary: "It's been so embarrassing... I haven't ever shared these with anybody..." Yes, so painfully the hidden treasures we carry in ourselves are delivered to the daily light!!!

Then a client works with this list... and I hate to say I include use of my psychic sense to tell which of the items of the list could be more real and score high in the life's mission category... and which are merely reflections of past life experience, of outer social and cultural and authorities' pressures, social desirability rather than proper life's mission, current life's purpose and developmental tasks.

Actually, in a sense it probably takes more courage to identify the mission and accept it... and even truly enjoy it - no matter how original and unusual it might be - which mostly means to deal with an intense inner conflict and repeated backlash... than it is to carry the mission out eventually.

Logically if something is one's life's mission one is very well equipped for it, psychologically and physically has what it takes to carry it through and just needs to develop a bit of trust in this very fact/logic and in oneself... which may take a couple of years or decades in some more unusual cases :-).

If this is understood as a basis - one has to look for the ways in which one can "sell" one's mission to the world, make the world understand that value of it the need of it... and this itself takes some flexibility, originality and pragmatism for the "missioner"... but "where there's will/clarity/trust - there's a way".

There has to be an inevitable series of trials and errors, of dead-end streets and new beginnings and new trials, even compromises... but if one follows the track as a good and faithful bloodhound one not only can't get lost for long but one also has a lot of fun and satisfaction besides a good deal of frustration and hard work. There might be lost battles - but the campaign goes on victoriously and with repeatedly good feeling that proves one is alive... and not a zombie or vegetable - or dead.

While working with clients I realized a direct connection of following one's mission on one hand and psychological and somatic health and fitness on the other hand. And I was shocked by what I saw in cases when people didn't follow their mission - as far as I could say as a psychic - and instead compensated the real need of purpose by safety only, by existential certainty, money, social status/desirability, power. To my surprise these people do not register their lowering level of energy in organism and deteriorating health - as these are fully compensated of rather overshadowed by the "perks" of the job. The compensation somehow desensitizes people and even takes away their responsibility not only to themselves but also to the world - so they can take not only very selfish and one-sided decisions... but also bribes etc. without feeling badly. They seem to ruin themselves and people and the world around with the same verve and gusto.

It is an interesting observation that people who make money by what they actually don't like doing end up rather unhappy and very rapidly deteriorating once they retire. They don't need to force themselves (and nothing outer forces them any more) into doing something unnatural and meaningless for them any more... but the the real missions of their lives are long forgotten and was ridiculed and suppressed so fiercely that they seem simply out of sight definitely as if they couldn't be found any more. So there is just this big void, big hungry vacuum - from here to infinity! Unhappy end, indeed!

Prague, Czech Republic, December 2004

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Text by Jan Jilek,
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