March 2005
* The Fascinating Mystery of Centuries... and Carnival!

Summary: It seems once a year doors into other worlds open and we and their inhabitants can cross the boundaries and inspire each other.

Warning: Some people might find the following text kind of wild...

- - -

About four years ago I predicted for myself that in 2005 I would be doing psychic work with a group of 100 participants... rather unheard of for me - a lone ranger - but the notion was coming repeatedly so I accepted it in hopeful expectation. Naturally, I expected a group of 100 people sharing an interest in psychic and spiritual matters.

The number 100 seemed specifically important: From 100 up the team seemed to start having much stronger power to influence what happens in the world in present or future.

So I made the 100 a unit and started to call it "century" (Dictionary: 'Century = a group of foot soldiers in ancient Rome, originally comprising a hundred men')

During the winter 2003/2004 I had a feeling I was actually assisted and helped by quite a number of beings while doing my psychic work.

I counted and I got I was in a company of 10 "centuries"... and it felt very good and cooperative and powerful... and, to tell the truth, much easier to keep an accord than with a group of 1000 people... as I felt the power of such unit was in union of intent.

I was asking who these beings were and they seemed to be something like beings from different "time and spaces", from different worlds... rather than the old good spirits of dead humans.

At that time I also happened to see a popular scientific film on cosmological "string theory" introducing the possibility of existence of many parallel worlds next to each other... which fit the idea of a possibility of quite easy access from one world into another... after all it is not such a long way, right!

It seemed with the support of centuries there was quite an opportunity of influencing my and my client's businesses... and it seemed to have quite an impact and I used it a lot. For example: My "non-psychic" business registered 10% growth of demand for its services in a short time after I started to influence it with support of centuries... and brother, it really needed it!

I realized I could also ask centuries to help me to carefully enhance psychological empowerment of some people... again, exerting a strong influence on the manager taking care of my business while I was absent for a long time, with quite surprising benefits in her assertiveness, communications skills, strength of will - generally her whole performance.

OK, it was a wonderful ride for some time... and then it ceased. The centuries disappeared and I seemed to be alone again to do my work... with a lot of new inspiring ideas though.

- - -

About one year later, in February 2005 I started to feel the presence of centuries again - in much bigger, incredible numbers.

I surely used their help in sessions with two groups of intuitive training for businessmen taking place 6 weeks apart. I did feel a bit awkward that nearly 100% of the work was done not by me but by centuries. This concerned both preparation for the sessions and actual running them.

Both groups went kind of monotonously - mostly meditation and I expected some resistance... but it didn't come and the participants seemed pretty content and indeed inspired... and so was I.

In individual face to face healing work, again there was hardly any work left for me. Nearly everything was done by "somebody" else and I merely looked and learned... I was a bit embarrassed that I did so little.

In my email work with clients I noticed quite a number of them fell ill in a strange way (hard to diagnose, resistant to medication) and I got a very strong reading that the "illnesses" were actually the effects of radical and fast transformation of their organism, after which I dowsed the clients had psychic and magical abilities they never had before.

Actually with one of them I was hesitant to sign a contract for a cooperation on a new project - as I didn't get inner consent - but as soon as his disease was over and I registered his change... I got the consent to sign the contract.

I noticed the centuries were co-working not only with me, but - as soon as their organisms were ready - with a number of my clients on their projects.

I realized in this period of time these clients were also coming with new projects... some of them almost extra-terrestrial I would say, in their originality and daringness.

I explained to them how to work with centuries... and they were able to do that surprisingly easily and with surprisingly little resistance... taking into consideration how crazy whole this concept sounds. (My colleague psychologist who I dared to share this with had indeed that special touch in his eyes expressing: is this guy already psychotic or just headed there?)

- - -

The necessary preliminary conditions for working with centuries seem to be:

1) ability to enter other worlds/"time and spaces". It seems that only some people have access to them... but centuries themselves certainly know how to wake up this gift in people who have the access blocked (as it seems in childhood everybody has this door open) provided the person is interesting enough for them/ready for it... or how to say it

2) having some interesting project. It looks like centuries have to be interested in what a person does - and then they spontaneously participate and share their knowledge and intelligence and creativity and skills... with truly surprising outcomes.

I think if the person follows one's real calling/mission the interest of centuries is pretty much guaranteed as the person enhancing the harmony of the universe feels so attractive... see the text The importance of having a mission.

How to work with centuries if one has the opportunity to: In my experience the communications happens through quite concrete imagination of what one wants to achieve... as if one needed to show centuries one's intentions... and then they start to participate, provided they are interested, of course.

I think the contact and cooperation with centuries can be experienced and interpreted as a presence of angels or "being led by the holy spirit" etc. depending on the thought/ideological framework in which one operates.

I somehow have to add this: I think it is good manners not to forget to thank centuries for their help, not to take it for granted.

And, finally, the timing of working with centuries... It seems the door to the other worlds and the ability for us to go there and the centuries to come to us is not open for the whole year.

By the way, once the door is open for us we travel into the other worlds in sleep, spontaneously in our dreams or hypnagogic visions... or intentionally in controlled dreams that for example Carlos Castaneda wrote about. I think the dream is the vehicle into other worlds.

I am dowsing that this year the centuries had access to our world from February 5 to March 5. Then still the door was open to travel to other worlds till March 20... and then closed.

The previous year, I am dowsing, the intervals were from February 1 to March 1/March 10.

For the next year I am getting the access starts on March 1 and ends on April 1/April 10.

- - -

Interesting framework: The Carnival (from Latin "carni vale" = bye-bye to meat) takes place during about the same time.

A dictionary says:

Carnival = 'The period just before Lent begins, celebrated with a carnival in some Roman Catholic areas, for example Mardi Gras in New Orleans'... (not speaking about Rio de Janeiro).

By the way Lent = 'the period of 40 weekdays before Easter observed in some Christian churches as a period of prayer, penance, fasting and self-denial.'

Note that the period of Lent is consistent with the period of access to/of the centuries. And if you take out the ascetic element, working with the centuries is kind of similar to prayer, meditation, and retreat.

Still, in my experience this Christian approach is too meek, while true more egalitarian and active cooperation with centuries might be more fun for people and for centuries as well, and can bring more interesting outcomes into our world.

And for those who wouldn't know: Carnival = 'a public festive occasion or period, often with street processions, costumes, music, and dancing.'

Consider this: Do the masks of the carnival parade express the opening of the door into other worlds?... do they depict the strange beings entering our world at that time?

And was respecting the Lenten period actually meant to support our getting open to the influence of these beings and to use our ability to travel to different worlds?

I would definitely suggest to use this period in this very way... to one's own benefit.

- - -

Another interesting observation: Important personalities - creators of history and science and business etc. seemed to have both the gift of cooperating with centuries and access into another worlds in generous doses... though only during the period when the doors among the worlds are open... and mostly only for a fraction of that period as one has to be at least receptive to such opportunity if not actively cooperating, which the normal lifestyle of many of us excludes. Unless, of course, you live in a monastery... or a prison (where Gandhi, Tchernyschevskij and others wrote important visionary books).

Let's take a look at some representatives:

...A participant of one of my February intuition group was prompted to name the three following people: Hitler, Bata, Dalai Lama... and I will follow his lead:

Adolf Hitler seemed to have both gifts (perhaps due to his unhappy childhood that made him look for happiness and sheer psychological survival somewhere else than in everyday life/reality)... and as it seems he was using both of these gifts unconsciously spontaneously a lot, for creating and materializing his vision... which of course scares me as it suggests these gifts can be dangerously misused.

By spontaneous/unconscious use of the gift of cooperation with centuries I mean that the person is not aware of their presence and of their help, doesn't communicate with them or use their support intentionally - the person is just lucky... but because of the absence of clearer realization of what is actually going on there is also much bigger danger of losing this contact and help.

I already mentioned the difference between traveling into other worlds spontaneously in normal dreams and intentionally in dreams that we control by our will.

When I went into details about Hitler I got that he actually lost both gifts in 1940 - kind of late but at least it hints there's a bit of justice and safety for this world!

I am dowsing this loss happens to real villains like Hitler after about 5 years of abusing the gifts...

Tomas Bata (who started a big shoe empire... as it happens in my country) - had both gifts since his 20th year... spontaneous use for his business visions and their materialization till about 50 years of age... Lack of use of the gifts in more routine (over-)work seems to have led to their loss.

Current Dalai Lama, no wonder, has had both gifts since he was 5, but now - with all due respect - in a dose smaller than I would have expected and he doesn't seem to use either of them consciously, just spontaneously... strange! Too much political engagement, perhaps?

Bill Gates seems to have had both gifts from 6 till 30 years of his age, it was spontaneous use... now both gifts gone because of his too distracted, outwards oriented lifestyle.

George Soros - both gifts are still in place and function well and are used consciously!!!

George W. Bush - acquired both gifts when he was 30... and lost them when he was 46... now unfortunately both gifts are missing as far as I can tell. When he still had them he seems to have used them completely consciously - of course in a Christian way and terminology.

Generally speaking, a loss of the contact with this source of inspiration may be truly disastrous, I imagine, for a charismatic leader and his nation... and the world... as it must be hard to admit this to oneself or others and to learn to rely on other, more "worldly" sources for taking difficult decisions. I guess that's when democracy comes in handy.

Vaclav Havel - our Czech hero - both gifts present from his 30th year till now... conscious use.

Tomas Masaryk - another of our heroes - both gifts in use from 30 years till his death unconscious - spontaneous use.

(By the way, notice the frequent appearance of the 30th year in the above examples? Ask your astrologer what a Saturn return is... which everyone goes through in the 29th year of age.)

- - -

It seems to me a nation/country would be happy and lucky to have just about 30% of citizens who have these gifts... and it seems some nations actually have them in this quite optimum incidence:

China 30%
India 50%
Brazil 50%
Japan 20%
USA 10%
Italy 5%
Germany 1%
Great Britain 1%
France 0%
Netherlands 10%
Ireland 10%
Western Europe on average 1%
Czech Republic 1%
Slovakia 15%
Poland 10%
Ukraine 15%
Russia 30%
Eastern Europe 11%
Iceland, Greenland 100%

Does "Western civilization" with its distractions, lack of depths, high performance, high pace, high stress level - work against these gifts?

It seems to me it does... and still, since about 1980 the tide looks like it's being reverted towards finding connection to these gifts and gradually valuing them again. Just let's wait about 2 years from now when I see some kind of a peak of a wave occurring.

There seems to be hunger for entering other worlds and meeting their inhabitants. Look for instance at the sales of Harry Potter (which I actually don't find truly inspired by centuries as were Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan or Tolkien's books, and I think time will prove it).

- - -

And finally: How to wake up these gifts and learn to use them?

In my practice it just happens after some time as a byproduct of cooperation with a client. As if some door opens... mostly a bit abruptly, actually.

And I am sure there are many, many ways this miracle happens.

Prague, Czech Republic, March 2005

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Text by Jan Jilek,
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