January 2004
Blood Circulation of the Brain and a Level of Toxins In Body

Summary: Two observations how relaxing blood vessels of the brain and detoxification of the organism can help well-being of one's organism.

Unabbreviated text:
Some people's brain blood supply seems seriously reduced or constricted and their brains seem to be undernourished - I have been noticing this condition and experimenting with it since more than two years.

How do I know?... By clairvoyant and telepathic means as usually. In order to quantify I dowse the situation on a 100% scale, where 100% is an excellent state... and the lowest number I have detected was 30%.

I noticed that often people with lower than 100% brain blood circulation suffer or suffered from fears/fobias, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder and other problems connected with strong and torturing emotional states/pains, to which body often generally reacts by constricting various areas in order to reduce their sensitivity to pain... which may be a good short term strategy but in a long term it seems to be rather self-destructive as it prevents healthy and full blood supply in the area.

I have suspicion that even after a relatively successful psychotherapeutic treatment combined with medication of such conditions the blood supply of the brain doesn't fully resume and the relaxation I suggest can be an important supportive treatment.

Intuitively I would say long term habitual constriction of certain blood vessels in brain could lead to lower performance an even organic damage in the undersupplied areas due to less sufficient nourishment and less efficient detoxification leading to accumulation of toxins in those areas. I guess the quality of the performance of the brain can be reduced by this.

Psycho-somatic approaches often use relaxation, but I never read about relaxing blood vessels of one's brain specifically.

And as I dowsed my own brain blood circulation was less than 100%... I think about 70% at that time, I experimented with myself first. In order to know where to concentrate I put in front of myself an atlas of anatomy open on "Cerebral Arteries and Veins" and started the relaxation.

After about ten sessions by ten minutes within about one month (duration and frequency stated intuitively) I dowsed the situation changed and my brain blood circulation improved to 100%. Alas, I didn't notice any improvement of my thinking, creativity, originality etc.... at least I felt more healthy... and dowsed general improvement of my well-being by 5%... which is nothing to snub on, right?

Interesting was that I fell ill with cold during the time of this treatment... back to this later.

I don't suggest anybody tries this without a proper consultation with one's medical doctor... and a psychic giving the dowsing feedback that monitors the whole cure.

I suggested this cure to some of my clients in whom I noticed lowered blood circulation of the brain... and I registered the same course: rather swift improvement... and some form of cold, cough, rash on the skin - simply some somatic reaction.

I noticed these symptoms were quite frequent also after my first energy healing session with a new client. I always ascribed them to the organism getting rid of toxins that were released during and after the psychological/psychic treatment into the blood flow - by the way I only work with aura without touching the body itself.

My guess is in case of relaxing the brain vessels some form of releasing deposits of toxins into blood flow from prior undersupplied areas takes place as well... and body gets rid of these toxins in this typical way... which leads me to believe this treatment is generally beneficial even if no clear and concrete improvement of the brain performance can be noticed.

Back to the body's way of getting rid of toxins: I noticed specifically with my hard and long hours working clients who sometimes don't have time to care of themselves properly that body has certain tolerance to "toxins" in the blood but if higher than tolerated level is reached... and the level can easily be dowsed by a psychic... the body needs to get rid of the toxins and this process becomes body's priority. The need of detoxification seems to raise specifically in cold weather when people take in less liquids and urinate and sweat less... which are both natural means of detoxification.

It seems if the level of toxins in blood reaches a critical level body simply "decides" to catch a cold or some other disease that heightens temperature and causes sweating. If this process is not stopped insensitively by mindless use of antibiotics and one properly supports one's body in its cleaning work from noticing the very first symptoms by being in bed, in warmth, with a lot of drinking and taking a proper rest... I can clearly dowse a fast and successful detoxification.

If the body is not permitted to go through this natural course and if the symptoms are reduced instead of the cause... one can limp from one outburst of cold to another for the whole winter season and even seriously endanger one's health.

Long term cooperation with a psychic can secure continual information on the changes of one's level of toxins in blood and enable to take preventive measures long before any disease erupts.

The preventive steps to reduce a level of toxins in the blood are rather individual and a psychic can evaluate their appropriateness individually. For somebody a sauna seems to be the best cure, for somebody else more active working out, in another case certain herb teas seem to act fastest and more efficiently and for some people regular modest intake of red wine seems to be the one of the best preventive solutions, not speaking about regular de-toxicants from a health food shop... or a combination of more of these. For safety reasons I suggest medical doctor be always consulted and his or her recommendation taken as decisive.

Psychic's sensitivity though seems to me probably the most reliable and comfortable feedback device to monitor the changes in the level of toxins in your organism in a long term.

I think it is smart not to hesitate and rather ask for an assessment well before you start to feel out of your skin.

Cambridge, USA, January 2004

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Text by Jan Jilek, http://www.auguring.com/worknotes
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