August 2010
Body-Mind Software Transmission (BST) - A Highly Efficient Way of Learning

Let’s assume that a person can contain and share with others certain valuable 'inner software' connected with the culture that one lives in. Having and operating this software can enrich one’s life considerably.

What do we mean by 'inner software'? Try this: A pattern of the mind-body that when operative fulfills some valuable function or purpose for the benefit of the user.

Now let’s assume that copies of this ‘software’ can be transmitted directly from one person to another, provided that some conditions are fulfilled.

Let’s also assume that the skill of copying and transmitting/receiving these valuable programs can be
learned... and let’s assume that I know how to do it!
And here I offer to share this technique with you during an approximately 1 hour long seminar.

For the time being let's use the phrase ‘body-mind software transmission’ (further BST) for this skill.

     - - -

What Is It Really?

* My very first experience with BST dates to 1996 when working with an Afghan client in Prague while doing bio-energy healing with him.

During the session I realized that something  unusual started to happen - on my inner display I saw even that little icon of a clock that shows while one computer is copying a program from another, and for the first time I felt that very distinctive feeling that accompanies copying body-mind software (further BS).

At that time I didn’t know what was happening... it distracted me and interfered with my usual energy work so I didn’t like it that much... but I was too curious to suppress it... and that was the beginning of my long exploration and practice of this method.

* In 2007 while wondering the streets of Paris I copied a valuable BS... that within several months and after some experiments with colleagues and friends - I developed into a technique that I called Napojeni ( ) which means Connection (more about its effects later) and started to teach it in groups with good success.

By the way, the transmitting or copying of a body-mind program - providing the person who copies it has enough energy - takes typically about 20 seconds.

I was reminded later by one of the participants of my seminar: ‘Isn’t this Eric Pearl’s Reconnection?’  And sure enough the resemblance was startling.

* Eric Pearl offers a technique that he calls Reconnection and that I see as a typical example of another such valuable BS.

In his book The Reconnection  Eric Pearl describes how an anonymous Gypsy woman taught him this program.

Now Pearl teaches seminars on transmission of this specific program.

In his book he mentions an example of the program (Reconnection) being copied from him nearly instantly by somebody over a considerably long distance in a lobby of some hotel.

* And, what I want to teach you is exactly this: a skill of fast and discrete copying of interesting and useful body-mind software.

* By the way: There is a very pleasant aspect of BST: One can save time and money and instead of attending more expensive and time consuming seminars, one can obtain body software just from talks at conferences - in a matter of seconds.

To describe very generally how this is done: By switching off the verbal channel and just immersing oneself into an interesting lecturer - not following at all what he or she is talking about but being very aware of ‘something inside going on’ - one can copy and download into oneself the software that is operating within the presenter.

The same can happen during artistic performances. What might be the software that can be downloaded from a musician? The musician's great skill and talent is present as an energetic pattern within him or her, developed through years of learning and practice; that energetic pattern can be tapped into and copied and downloaded by you or me, and having that pattern would then contribute to our own efficient functioning and potential-realizing, in music or actually in any activity. 

* Very typically the BS is available for copying if its bearer speaks of or performs passionately what he/she loves doing and/or is in an altered state of mind... or knows how to make BS visible and offer it to others.

* You can gather a whole collection of interesting software that can be beneficial for your organism from various sources.

* A friend of mine Nikola Plhon, brought to my attention similarity of BST and memetics. See .

My concept of BS indeed overlaps with certain categories of memes... (A meme (pronounced /'mi?m/, rhyming with "cream"[1]) is a unit of cultural ideas, symbols or practices, which can be transmitted from one mind to another through writing, speech, gestures, rituals or other imitable phenomena.)

* To tell the truth -- a bit similarly to this very foggy definition of what memes are -- I don’t know anything about the physics or chemistry or anatomy or physiology of BS  - so I can’t be more specific about the mechanisms involved.

Very pragmatically I care first of all about the effects of having new BS copied in my organism... and that is the content of the following section.

     - - -

What Is BST Good For?

* Its benefits probably differ individually. I think each of us unconsciously chooses specific BS based on one’s organism’s needs, talents, and personal history, on one’s profession and career, goals in life, life mission, and based on outer and inner situation we find ourselves in, in addition to probably many other factors too. 

* And here exactly is why I need you, dear participants of the BST seminars, and your feedback - to bring more experiential material to add to my understanding of the phenomenon.

* The best attitude toward learning what BST is good for might be to have no expectation, just to wait and see what comes.

* For me BST seems to bring further insight in what I am interested in: for example, intuition; extra-sensory sensitivity; uses of bio-energy; understanding the concept of ‘good luck’; and the dilemma of free choice vs. destiny. It also seems to develop the fast intuitive ability to evaluate situations and objects and make instant decisions as described in Malcolm Gladwell’s book ‘Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking’

But I am interested in what BST might bring specifically for YOU!

* Please keep in mind: The effects of body-mind software transmission seem to come without any will or conscious effort... all by themselves. No training, no repetition, no dreary discipline, no strong will is necessary :-)

* The following data concern ‘Connection’ - a single specific BS:
There have been about 800 participants of my Connection seminars so far. Based on voluntary feedback which came from about 30% of them I generalize that in 90% of cases the technique brought some recognizable effect - namely a number of concrete changes whose common denominator seems to be  ‘more efficient use of one’s personal energy’.

And here is a list of reported effects of BS called Connection:
* generally better psychological fitness
* higher stress resistance
* more vitality, feeling of freshness in life
* fewer mood swings
* cultivated expression of suppressed aggression and anger
* more satisfaction with oneself
* more charisma, social visibility
* higher performance in cases where the current state wasn’t satisfying
* better insight into one’s own life, better contact with reality
* more reliable intuition, more relying on unconscious processes
* finding/fine tuning life mission or purpose of life in case it was missing or too foggy
* better somatic fitness and health
* stronger resistance to illness, faster recovery after stress/high performance/surgery
* ceasing of phobias of confined spaces, spiders, heights all of which were otherwise very resistant to therapy
* considerable relief from PTSD
* moderation of problems with bulimia and anorexia and with drinking too much alcohol
* acceleration of parallel psychotherapeutic process of people diagnosed as borderline personality - this is feedback from a psychotherapist who suggested Connection as auxiliary technique.

     - - -

Hitches, Problems, Drawbacks, Limits

* Frequent question: “What is the guarantee that I will not copy some virus, something evil from some malevolent source that I will not be able to get rid of later and that will cause me some harm?”

My answer and experience is that there is practically no such danger. The process of transmission is unwitting and the wisdom of the unconscious or body wisdom itself seems to decide and select what programs are copied. I can’t imagine on what we could rely with more confidence.

* Whoever suffers from a psychological illness or takes medication that influences psychological states should be cautious and should have a psychotherapist as a backup to BST training.

If in doubts whether you want to go for BST, please don’t hesitate to ask.

     - - -

What Are The Conditions That Enable To Learn The Discrete Skill of BST?

* As far as I know there is just one condition: Having a high enough level of energy in one’s organism to start with.

And, there is of course a technique for keeping the energy on a high level so to say artificially. It is extremely simple, comparatively effortless and easy to practice even for people who have no preliminary experience with any energy work.

This preparatory part takes about one week... unless you live in a place with already high geo-energy that keeps you in a desirable state anyway.

Please consult me for evaluating concrete addresses if in doubts.

      - - -

Any Questions will be highly appreciated at as there is nothing as inspiring as questions and dialog.

Thank you very much!!!

Jan Jilek

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