January 2004
The Invisible Value of Real Estate
There seems to be more about the value of real estate than meets the eye... namely the invisible "genius loci" - the energy of the place, its "compatibility" with the individuals who live there, and with the activity or business that is carried out in the building. I use the name "energy" here as a synthetic name for influences that sustain and inspire human activities as intellectual endeavor, creativity, physical work, services. Energy also feeds and heals body and soul, generally creating a pleasant and supportive atmosphere. On the other hand, we can think of energy that interferes with people's efforts and health.

These different qualities of energy, I believe, can be assessed intuitively by a psychic before you rent or buy a property so you can make sure the place will truly support your well being, your relationships, your children's development, or your business efficiency rather than undermine them. I offer this service of assessment of your home and workplace.

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Already in ancient China it was known there are disturbances in the Earth magnetism - "dragon veins" - on which it is not advisable to build a house. Unfortunately this knowledge seems to have slipped our contemporary mind.

Anyway, and more importantly, I am convinced there are excellent places with most wonderful positive energy around you that can give a decisive boost to your intellectual, business, and personal life if you choose well among them.

For example: I've dwelled in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA for over three months now (as a guest of a generous patron) in a house with energy so strong and supportive that I can do my psychic/intuitive work for clients all over the world from here for long hours and not get tired or depleted thought my work is a very energy and concentration-demanding one...

Let's say energy in this house in Cambridge, MA is 10 000 units strong.

Is there, perhaps, any coincidence in Harvard, MIT and other universities having their seat right around here? Is it surprising I can feel I have more original thinking here?... Actually only here I resumed and finished some projects I left half done when I was leaving this area after another 5 months' stay last year.

Of course, you might ask: Is this all just the energy emanating from the Earth or also the energy of the human intellectual work executed in that place for a long time? My assessment is that about 97% of this energy stems from the Earth and only 3% from human activity and its imprint on the place.

Where does this lead me: Properties here in Cambridge are already expensive enough, but... do the market prices express their real value? I really don't think so. I think their value is actually still 70% higher than the market price... because of this absolutely unique energy that multiplies people's performance so much that locals can get their investment back easily.

Still... this intense energy may not fit everybody... namely it seems to fit only about 30% of people if we consider 3 to 30 years of staying here... in comparison with energy of another example:

I spent a fortnight in what was originally a farmhouse under the mountains in Miesbach near Munich, Germany last summer dowsing and healing with the owner.

Energy there: 500%...( Fitting for 60% of population for a long time stay)... excellent place for the purpose of the owner: teaching and bodywork.

An independent local dowser who the owner called for a second opinion found the place powerful enough to call it right "holy" and suggested the water from a rich well under it should be considered healing.

The market prices in the area reflect, as far as I can tell, adequately the value of this very house... but they seem on average 50% higher than the real value in case of 90% of similarly romantic looking buildings in this lovely area of about 50 square kilometers around, that are not blessed by having been built on a "power place".

There seems to be an optimal place (or rather more of them) for each person on the Earth's face. The individual's optimal place may change in time ... but I am pretty sure it can be found and followed for everybody.

Simply: If you are going to put your money and effort in a purchase or building of a real estate I strongly suggest you get an estimate of its energy and its compatibility with yourself and whatever you want to use it for.

How about this provocative idea:

Is a performance of a government connected with the energy of a place the government buildings are situated on?

Reichstag in Berlin, contemporary government building, seems to have energy of 200 units.
Cold war seat of Bundestag (actually two different places successively) in Bonn had both 3 200 units...

Is there a possibility the governing from Bonn was much more efficient than later from Berlin? To what degree can the worsening of economical situation of Germany be ascribed to this influence: Does the German Government simply lack energy now?

Kremlin in Moscow: 1 000 units
Winter Palace in St. Petersburg: 100 units
Summer seat of tzars near St. Petersburg: 100 units

Is there a possibility Russian empire started to loose its power partly because of the move of the capital? And started to regain the power after the government returned to Moscow?

United Kingdom:
Buckingham Palace 10 000 units
Downing Street 300 units

The question: When exactly Great Britain started to loose power?

By the way my take on the seat of UK Ex- "Ministry of Colonies" 30 000 units.

White House 2 000 units
Capitol Building 20 000 units
Pentagon 100 units...

Pretty good and hard to beat situation... in the time of peace.

United Nations:
New York building 10 000 units

By the way...
My take on the head office of Parmalat 30 units... the same as - sadly - the seat of the Czech Republic government... not to mix with the Prague Castle of the Czech kings - 200 units.

Well I guess it is better to think twice... and dowse thoroughly before one makes a relocation decision in a history of a nation or an institution, political party, firm or "just" in one' s personal or family history... and I am definitely interested and at your service might you need me to assist you in this pursuit.

Cambridge, USA, January 2004

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Text by Jan Jilek, http://www.auguring.com/worknotes
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