Intuitive Guidance

As a client, you describe the situation in which there is uncertainty that you need clarified. Include as much detail as possible, esp. about the individuals involved, your experience with them, and feelings between you. State the current and future uncertainties.

Ask your questions about the current status or future developments as specifically as possible. Closed/quantitative questions can be answered with more precision. If you do ask qualitative questions, please be as specific as possible.

Typically, I give YES/NO and quantitative answers (percentages, ratios, absolute numbers). Qualitatively, I identify specific fears and hopes, mental models, discomforts and other psychological patterns. At times, I also give you answers to questions you didnít ask but perhaps might have benefited from asking.

Personal Coaching

As a client, you describe the situation in which you find yourself, other people involved, and experience from previous interactions (if any). You identify your goals, expectations and esp. doubts, fears, and other feelings you may have.

Identification of Obstacles
Together we identify any blocks on the path to achieving your goals. These may be on the side of your counterpart, yourself, or a result of the interactions between the two of you.

My experience shows that the best results are achieved when the client actively rehearses for the upcoming performance, such as a negotiation or sales pitch. I use role-playing to make the preparation as real as possible.

The client shares his/her experience after the performance. We analyze what worked and what did not, and identify improvement areas for similar situations in the future.


Remote reading (a.k.a. clairvoyance) considerably raises your odds when you have to act or decide in situations of uncertainty. Clairvoyant evaluation does not, though, substitute for advice from other specialists (financial advisor, management consultant, lawyer, physician, or psychotherapist) nor your own power to make decisions.

While I think this work is marvelous, for some people it can be addictive so it is useful for us to keep an eye on that possibility. Also certain questions may bring responses that are not easy to listen to, no matter how well I may try to formulate them, so it is best to consider your questions carefully.

And last but not least it is important to note that no psychic, including me, can give you a 100% guarantee of accuracy.