What do I offer?
Entrepreneurs and managers come to me seeking two services: intuitive guidance / clairvoyance on current and future behaviors of individuals and organizations and personal coaching with emphasis on the people aspects of doing business.
When do you want me?
I come into the equation when you have done your homework, conducted standard analyses, and researched all kinds of sources. And yet, you feel uncomfortable making that big decision. Should you put money into this project? Should you buy those shares? Should you negotiate with those people? Should you hire this person? And how should you approach the negotiations?
What do you want me for?

Business people come to me with these questions. I help them with all kinds of unknowns: Business plan assumptions; targets for price negotiations; timing of steps; assessment of business partners, investors, customers as well as bosses and employees. I provide insights into their current intentions and motivations, and also predict the probability of their future behaviors and decisions. Since we are always dealing with human beings, a lot depends on the sources of emotions and stress. I identify these and recommend ways of managing them.

Equally important is the coaching I provide to help business people execute their intended strategies and achieve their goals. I help clients devise strategies to communicate and negotiate with difficult counterparts, taking into account emotions, subconscious motivations, mental blocks, and other psychological factors

How do you get the most out of it?
My clients tend to achieve the best results when they combine the benefits of my two services: intuitive guidance and personal coaching. That way they acquire what it takes to go after their goals, be they set by themselves or with the help of my intuitive advice. Whether clients decide to use my two services in combination or separately, they typically work with me on a longer-term basis. That has proven much more effective than ad-hoc assignments.