Grants are greatly appreciated for my ongoing research. For examples and outcomes of this research, please go to Work Notes.

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Thank you.

Option A) Fixed Fee

I charge a fixed fee of 50 EUR/USD per half an hour for my services. Minimum chargeable time is half an hour. Charges for longer periods are calculated at 15-minute increments.

Option B) Success Fee

In some cases, when agreed between the client and myself, I can reduce my hourly rate to as low as $20 per half an hour in exchange for a success fee that is charged in addition.

Examples of a success fee are:
percentage of client’s revenue (overall or from a certain product or service)
percentage of an increase in the sales of a product
flat fee per customer acquired or product sold
percentage of a sales price (when a client is on the selling side) or percentage of a reduction in purchase price (when a client is on the buying side)
"target bonus” tied to a certain accomplishment, such as persuading an individual to do something specific you would like them to do
Free Trial

In order to accommodate initial skepticism and to build confidence, I provide a free trial of my intuitive guidance & clairvoyance services when a client first comes. This trial is typically a small assignment, such as a question about a decision to be made in the near future. When clients have a chance to “touch and feel” my clairvoyance and see for themselves the accuracy and usefulness of my guidance, they can decide whether they want to start working with me on a regular basis. At that point we also discuss which of the two fee options will be applied.