Psychological Education & Practice
I am a psychologist by training and have over 20 years of experience in counseling psychology. My practice attracted more and more business people in the early 90s when the vibrant boom in the Czech economy saw an invasion of foreign capital and professionals. I have since spent thousands of hours working with top managers and entrepreneurs. My support has ranged from stress management to individual/couples therapy and personal coaching for peak performance in the business environment. My clients have been both expatriates working in Prague and Czech nationals.
 Psychological Work for Organizations
I have consulted to numerous leading companies in various industries, both multinational corporations and Czech firms. I work with group dynamics from the top to the bottom of the hierarchy: executive boards, sales teams, innovative teams, or entire functional departments. I have facilitated dozens of workshops and group sessions aimed at getting the most out of a groupís potential and enhancing the interaction of the entire system.
 Intuition Enriched by Experience
A decade of close work with individual executives and work-teams has given me tremendous insight into psychological patterns in the business environment. I have a good grasp of the psychological background of how managers and entrepreneurs think, how they make (or donít make) decisions, communicate and miscommunicate, motivate (or demotivate) self and others, accept (or evade) responsibility, support (or sabotage) the work of others and even of their own. I have seen one hundred and one ways in which colleagues convince, influence (or manipulate) one another, as well as use (or abuse) power.
This hands-on experience clearly complements the clairvoyant skills I use when I provide my intuitive guidance & clairvoyance services.
 My Clairvoyance Uncovered
I've been absorbed in psychic work of various kinds throughout my adult life. A psychic healer discovered my clairvoyance when she came to treat my mother's back. As she shook my hand she remarked, "You could heal your mother yourself, you know." She became my first teacher and my mother my first client. (My mother, you'll be glad to know, is in good shape.) Later I apprenticed with a number of gifted and idiosyncratic psychics, evolving my own practice. This became a combination of clairvoyance/clairsentience, dowsing, reading auras/cleaning chakras, and intuitive movement.
 My Clairvoyance Put into Practice
When communism collapsed and so did half a century's criminalization of the spiritual, I opened my own practice officially and became a regular guest on television and radio programs, discussing psychic phenomena with a public hungry for it. I published several texts and translations and facilitated psychic training for groups of doctors, psychologists, and lay people. My psychotherapeutic practice expanded in partnership with an American colleague in 1992 and we began working in Prague with individuals, couples, and companies from around the world. When clients moved on to other countries, continuing psychological/psychic consultation by telephone and email proved to be extraordinarily helpful to them.
 My Clairvoyance Meets its Match
The American colleague, who was a psychotherapist with a similar bent, became my wife. It became clear while working in the United States that, despite having developed my abilities in some isolation in Czechoslovakia, they were not only relevant but very much appreciated and needed in the West as well.